1. Write down your to do list each morning and arrange them into the most important/most urgent/best left until later.
  2. Start your day with movement & incorporate it throughout your day.
  3. Keep an idea journal and develop an action plan from it once a week.
  4. Recognise your successes and don’t disqualify them.
  5. If you are feeling anxious about something ask will this be important to you in one week, one month, one year?
  6. Broaden your horizons and learn from different industries/sectors.
  7. Ask better questions of yourself and others.
  8. Only check email twice a day.
  9. Ask yourself before every meeting do you really need to be there? What can you contribute to help others and what would be a good outcome for you?
  10. Connect with others more and express gratitude more frequently.
  11. Challenge your assumptions as thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become actions.
  12. Know your triggers & find alternative reactions.
  13. Celebrate the process as well as the outcome.
  14. Keep on developing as the skills that you rely on today may not be as relevant in 1, 5 or 10 years time!
  15. Read more and vary it to different genres and subjects.
  16. Remember that approaching any challenge with negativity will proportionally effect the outcome so commit to remaining solution focused!
  17. Take responsibility for your own performance.
  18. Check in with your energy each day. Is it up or down? What effects it and what might you do to improve it?
  19. Put your mobile device on flight mode whenever you are carrying out focused ‘deep work’.
  20. Last but not least, book a session with a coach today as there really is no better time!

Joe McDonald, founder of create10 is a professional coach & trainer. Providing one to one coaching in person, by phone or online.  Impactful team workshops focusing on leadership, team performance and innovation.  create10 also offers affordable online courses to busy professionals.  Email info@create10.ie & see www.create10.ie for further details.