Within all companies and organisations both large and small, three essential pillars of importance have come to my attention across all industries and sectors. These pillars when developed and valued consistently result in an improvement in employee engagement and performance.

In developing these essential pillars your workplace will function more effectively, assisting in developing a healthy organisational culture and you will be more likely to achieve objectives both short and long term. Let’s take a moment to take a brief look at each of them.

The first pillar of employee engagement is that of ‘career’. This covers a number of areas such as providing opportunities for employees to learn and develop, financial remuneration, promotional opportunities and status recognition. It is primarily based upon the individual need but can also be thought of from a strategic organisational perspective in terms of planning.

The second pillar of employee engagement is that of ‘community’. For employees this is essential, even for those that value autonomy, appreciating the opportunity to network and work as part of a team or wider community where appropriate. It also involves those times when there is a need for cross functional groups, information and skills sharing as well as opportunities for socialising both within and outside of the workplace.

The third and final pillar of employee engagement is that of ‘cause’. This is strongly correlated to those feelings of being part of something larger than one self. Where personal values and beliefs can be aligned to that of the organisation or business.  Culture, ethos, ’cause’ all provide a sense of fulfilment ensuring that all employees work is a truly meaningful and worthwhile endeavour.Within each individual element and across all three of the pillars when viewed as a collective whole, there is scope for the inclusion of topics such as innovation and creativity, strategic development, financial planning and prudence as well as goal setting and organisational growth for example.

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