In my experience, those individuals that excel the most in their particular field, are those that are passionate about learning.  Staying curious and developing a growth mindset are essential in today’s world.  Below, I have outlined five powerful approaches so that you too can enhance your own learning.

The 5 Minute Rule

If you are finding it hard to start, then try the five-minute rule.  In other words, commit to learning the new skill, whatever it is, for just five minutes.  While you can stop once the five minutes have passed, the reality is that in most cases you’ll want to continue.

Identify your weakness

If you want to learn a new skill, then think about it like this.  If you were to sit an exam on this particular skill tomorrow, what would you be most worried about if it appeared on the paper?  Once you have identified this weakness, narrow your focus and chase it down.

Explaining to others imbeds our own learning

Teaching or explaining a concept, task or skill to others helps us to identify gaps in our knowledge base.  It also imbeds our own learning and enhances our ability to communicate effectively. Write down what you want to share with others; what would the learning outcomes be; what material do you need to share and where are there gaps in your information?

Hungry for feedback

If you are serious about developing yourself and sharpening the blade so to speak, then look for feedback.  In particular, value feedback that is critical and constructive.  Remember to seek feedback from those that report to you and to whom you report as well as clients/customers.

Deep learning and the power of ‘why’

Finally, through continuously asking ourselves why something works the way that it does or why we do things a certain way, it deepens our learning.  It assists us in finding deeper meaning, synchronicities and areas for improvement.

Joe McDonald is a professional coach and trainer.  As founder of create10 he provide one to one coaching, powerful team workshops and online training. See for further information and email if you have any questions.