Everyone would like a vibrant life truly filled with meaning and purpose.  To live a life less ordinary.

But can you honestly say ‘yes, this is me’?

Or perhaps, you find life slipping by underpinned by a deep sense of frustration about how things are turning out.

If so, then try this simple exercise as you take those first steps to making positive changes.

  1. Think about what has energized you over the last twelve months?  Has anything inspired you or motivated you more than usual?  If so, write it down.
  2. Think about what has drained you over the last twelve months? What has left you frustrated and anxious?  If you can identify anything, again write it down.

Remember, that we do not learn from experience but rather, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.  For that reason, the questions above are so important to us.

  1. Next, try to define what success actually means to you. What really matters to you and provides your life with meaning? Write it down in as much detail as you can.
  2. Now, take that picture of success and break it down into smaller actionable goals.  A good place to start is by asking yourself ‘what is the smallest thing that I could do right now to move me towards my picture of success’?
  3. Finally, once you have written down your plan, you need to commit to action and share it with those around you. The intention here is that they will both offer support and hold you to account.

Nobody has more control over your life than you. There is nobody coming with a life jacket to save you. Living a life filled with meaning and purpose is within the capability of everyone and yes, that includes you.

I would love to hear about what has been energizing and draining you as well as what success means in your life!

Joe McDonald founder of create10 is an experienced professional coach and trainer with 20+ years experience of working at a senior management/director level. He works with individuals, teams and organisations in enhancing performance through one to one confidential coaching, powerful workshops and flexible online courses. See www.create10.ie for further information or email info@create10.ie