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Coaching Groups & Teams through Change

Change is inevitable in both life and business.  So if you provide leadership to teams or groups in an organisation or company a significant part of your time will involve supporting them in the design, implementation and review of a range of challenging change initiatives. If you already fulfil a leadership role you will have [...]

Coaching Groups & Teams through Change2017-11-13T18:17:29+00:00

Want to be part of the greatest team ever?

Have you ever come across a team who believe that they are the best ever? Productive, efficient, everyone gets along and they know it! Even their employer is content. It’s all good…or is it? Here’s a little exercise that I like to carry out with teams from time to time. Ask them to list six [...]

Want to be part of the greatest team ever?2017-10-22T15:33:32+01:00

Don’t Have the Time? 6 Simple Steps

In delivering coaching it is not uncommon to come across clients who say that their lives are so busy that they do not have the time to study, exercise, take on additional work, spend time with the kids, etc. To be fair to each of them, they are indeed usually very busy people. Our lives [...]

Don’t Have the Time? 6 Simple Steps2017-10-09T15:50:24+01:00

Put it in the Job Description

How many of today’s organisations or companies call themselves innovative? The answer..lots! If you don’t believe me check out the various websites, mission statements and glossy brochures doing the rounds. Its literally everywhere. Innovation. Creativity. Market leading, etc. Yet, when I speak to many senior staff in leadership positions they tell me that they are [...]

Put it in the Job Description2017-09-01T11:16:10+01:00

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Thinking & Actions

We would like to think that our thinking is clear, measured and rationale. Right? That we always have clarity and that our behaviours and emotional responses are ‘on point’ allowing us to respond to any situation that arises. Unfortunately, the reality is often far from this! Whether it’s in your personal life or in the [...]

3 Simple Steps to Improving Your Thinking & Actions2017-09-26T07:24:09+01:00

So, Your Skills aren’t being Used?

Its not unusual for me to come across employees that are feeling unmotivated, unappreciated and frustrated that their true skills and strengths are being underutilised in the workplace. This doesn’t appear to be an experience that can be attributed to any specific one sector but rather is common place across many different industries and countries. ‘My [...]

So, Your Skills aren’t being Used?2017-09-20T07:19:06+01:00

Taking the time to revisit those Values

All of us develop over our lifetime certain beliefs and values which in time become assumptions as to the way things should be. The powerful influencers on these beliefs and values include our Parents, siblings and wider family, our culture, religion, ethnicity, etc. These core beliefs and values that each of us hold so dearly, [...]

Taking the time to revisit those Values2017-09-13T08:32:10+01:00

So, you’re a victim?

We all know somebody in the workplace who regularly presents themselves as ‘the victim’. An example of this might be where an employee is unsuccessful in applying for promotion and rather than accept personal responsibility e.g. my interview was poor, they will instead blame others for the outcome. ‘They’ve never liked me’. ‘They don’t appreciate [...]

So, you’re a victim?2017-08-30T13:37:14+01:00

Innovation? Careful or You’ll Grow out of it

It is all about innovation, right? Innovative technology, systems, practices and so on. Whenever we think of innovation, we think of something new, fresh and exciting. Therefore, its perfectly logical and unsurprising that it is regularly associated with start-ups, new emerging markets or new products for example. The challenge for companies and organisations is how [...]

Innovation? Careful or You’ll Grow out of it2017-08-30T13:51:36+01:00

Seven Simple Steps for More Effective Meetings

Many of us spend large portions of our working days attending meeting after meeting. Unfortunately, these gatherings can be unproductive, extremely boring and with a distinct feeling that participants are simply going through the motions. Here are seven simple steps to reenergise and refocus meetings in your workplace. Ask each person attending the meeting to [...]

Seven Simple Steps for More Effective Meetings2017-08-29T14:49:37+01:00


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