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Stop doing these 6 things & enhance your performance

  1. Easing into your day. Instead focus on your most important and/or challenging task first. 2. Ignoring your health. How can you possibly perform to your optimum level if you are neglecting your physical and mental health? 3. Multi-tasking. Constantly switching between tasks depletes mental energy. You are also far more likely to make [...]

Stop doing these 6 things & enhance your performance2019-05-11T14:24:36+01:00

You are more than your role: lessons in performance

  Very few individuals can honestly say that they are fulfilling their potential and working consistently to the level that they are truly capable of.  If you are one of these professionals, then consider these three topics and see if you can move forward in a more focused way. Broaden your focus Individuals tend to [...]

You are more than your role: lessons in performance2019-04-21T13:54:54+01:00

Your Past, Present & Future Self

  So many of us dedicate years trying to achieve the goals and objectives of others. Concentrating and striving to satisfy the needs of our colleagues, family and friends for example but oftentimes fundamentally dissatisfied with ourselves at a deep level. In order to feel fulfilled and to live a meaningful life, it is so [...]

Your Past, Present & Future Self2019-04-11T09:21:31+01:00

4 Steps to Improve Your Productivity

  So, how productive are you right now? If you think that this is an area that you might like to improve upon, here are 4 steps to set you on your way. 1. Identify & Remove Obstacles Firstly, in order to be truly productive, we need to identify those obstacles that are in the [...]

4 Steps to Improve Your Productivity2019-04-05T11:54:42+01:00

The Essentials for Leading Teams

Leading teams is never straight forward but when approached in the right way, effective leadership can contribute significantly to high performance environments. So how can you as a team leader promote and support effective teamwork? Well, here are some of the absolute essentials. Question team assumptions Over confidence can arise when teams assume automatically that [...]

The Essentials for Leading Teams2019-03-24T15:26:33+01:00

The Questions Every Leader needs to Answer?

Every high performance leader understands the need to consistently drive both their own and others performance. Here are five powerful questions that every leader needs to answer.... Are you willing to take full responsibility for the choices that you make? It is not only about accepting accolades when things go well but its about being [...]

The Questions Every Leader needs to Answer?2019-03-23T09:12:39+01:00

Looking for a different kind of workshop?

How many times have you invested your time, energy and money in attending a workshop only for it's contents to be completely forgotten about within a matter of days or weeks? create10 understands that for workshops to be truly impactful and long lasting they must resonate powerfully at both an individual and group level. That [...]

Looking for a different kind of workshop?2019-03-14T10:57:22+01:00

How is that working out for you?

  How positive are you feeling right now? Are things going how you had anticipated and are you feeling in control; or is it the complete opposite? Perhaps you’re somebody that has an ‘external locus of control’ where you feel that external factors are exerting significant control over your life and that choices are quite [...]

How is that working out for you?2019-03-10T07:48:52+01:00

It starts with you!

  Are you wasting your valuable time focusing on what others are getting wrong rather than on what you can get right? Maybe you have a boss that isn't listening to you?  Your team mates aren't motivated? Perhaps you aren't being provided with enough resources or your workload is unrealistic? Of course, its very easy to [...]

It starts with you!2019-02-22T11:55:38+01:00

Three Short but Powerful Leadership Lessons

  Life is busy and finding the time to improve performance can be a struggle. With this in mind, I have put together three very short but powerful leadership lessons. Its more than simply knowing what to do Knowing the right thing to do means absolutely nothing unless you actually do it, not once or [...]

Three Short but Powerful Leadership Lessons2019-02-11T11:04:33+01:00