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How to Create a Year of Powerful Positive Change

If you're going to quit anything this year, then quit making excuses. Below, I outline for you in some detail how to make a whole lot more of the coming twelve months so that you can achieve long lasting and powerful change. Here, I focus on three main areas of life...motivation, goal setting and how [...]

How to Create a Year of Powerful Positive Change2020-12-27T12:46:31+00:00

You don’t find time, you create it!

It’s not uncommon to hear clients say that they can't find the time. This term, ‘can't find the time’ is inaccurate in most cases and demonstrates a relinquishing of control.  A helplessness that is overwhelming for many. Its important instead to take personal responsibility, regain control and to understand that you don’t find the time.  [...]

You don’t find time, you create it!2020-12-05T11:23:55+00:00

Coaching: Bringing together People, Purpose & Passion

People, Purpose and Passion Coaching understands that where people come together with a clear purpose and collective passion incredible results can be achieved. This includes absolute clarity in terms individual and team values, collective assumptions and improved goal attainment.  Coaching approaches recognise the experience and skillsets of individuals and the remarkable resourcefulness that we all [...]

Coaching: Bringing together People, Purpose & Passion2020-11-27T12:00:18+00:00

Online Meetings that Work!

This year has seen an unprecedented increase in the use of online meetings. While the benefits are obvious in terms of remote working and efficient use of time for example, it has also posed many challenges for individuals, teams and organisations. In this post, I outline some steps that you can take to ensure that [...]

Online Meetings that Work!2020-11-09T13:02:16+00:00

20 Tips to Instantly Improve your Performance

Write down your to do list each morning and arrange them into the most important/most urgent/best left until later. Start your day with movement & incorporate it throughout your day. Keep an idea journal and develop an action plan from it once a week. Recognise your successes and don’t disqualify them. If you are feeling [...]

20 Tips to Instantly Improve your Performance2020-09-01T10:37:34+01:00

How to Improve Focus, Productivity & Performance

Remember that an efficient and focused eight-hour day will always produce better outcomes than an inefficient and unfocused twelve-hour day.  Busyness doesn’t always equate to effectiveness. Audit your time and consider where you are getting the return for your efforts.  Consider too your personal environment and how it effects your performance. Your environment can in [...]

How to Improve Focus, Productivity & Performance2020-08-19T12:57:48+01:00

Learnings of a Professional Coach & Trainer

I'm extremely fortunate to work with great people!  Business owners, global executives, start-ups, SMEs and multi-national organisations.  So too, all sorts of teams in both business and sport. Some are highly focused and performance orientated while others have completely lost their way. The one commonality amongst them all is the realisation that coaching approaches can [...]

Learnings of a Professional Coach & Trainer2020-08-05T11:42:21+01:00

Big Goals & the Art of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline can be really tough and that is why so many of us fail again and again! Taking disciplined actions requires us tolerating short term temporary discomfort in the belief that it will result in a long term meaningful and powerful reward. Below, I highlight some of the potential pitfalls when it comes to the [...]

Big Goals & the Art of Self-Discipline2020-07-21T12:51:13+01:00

The Importance of being present

How present do you tend to be?  In the moment, living in the now or distracted and somewhere else? Are you somebody perhaps that is fixated on past events (Memory-Driven) spending a lot of your time reminiscing? Maybe instead you spend a lot of your time thinking about the future (Dream-Driven)? Do you like to [...]

The Importance of being present2020-07-08T09:12:24+01:00

Why fear failure?

So, how would you consider your relationship with ‘failure’? Is it one of embarrassment and shame? To be avoided at all costs or is it something far more positive than that? You might recall that as a young child you were indiscriminate in your failings. In fact, you were more than likely positively enthusiastic about [...]

Why fear failure?2020-06-07T08:45:35+01:00