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How embracing discomfort will improve performance

Most individuals, teams and organisations gravitate towards staying in their comfort zones. Sure why not? It’s easier, it’s non-confrontational, its…safe! But that’s why most individuals, teams and organisations are average in terms of their level of performance. Excuses for not achieving more are normally attributed for them to external factors with little sense of self [...]

How embracing discomfort will improve performance2020-05-03T17:44:29+01:00

Dreams only work if you do too: Goal Setting Guidelines

Do you have dreams?  In truth, most of us do and aspire to be more than we are today.  But in order to make progress in fulfilling these dreams, goal setting is crucial. Goal setting and achievement is one of the most common themes that I come across when providing coaching to individuals and teams.  [...]

Dreams only work if you do too: Goal Setting Guidelines2020-04-21T21:09:06+01:00

The Essentials for Enhancing Performance

Long before I formally studied leadership, coaching and performance, as a sports obsessed child I would instinctively break down the different components of my game each week and carry out a self-assessment after each match. Handling 7 out of 10, kicking 6 out of 10 etc. I would then work obsessively each and every day [...]

The Essentials for Enhancing Performance2020-04-13T13:13:34+01:00

How to look after yourself

It is very apparent that many people are struggling at present with the stream of constant bad news and the daily uncertainty as to how things are going to unfold. Over the last few days, levels of anxiety for many are at unhealthy levels and there are a lot of people struggling. With this in [...]

How to look after yourself2020-03-17T15:46:02+00:00

10 things that are holding you back!

Here are 10 things that are holding you back!  Take action on these and develop the good habits necessary for success. 1. Complaining too much The moment that we complain and view ourselves as being the ‘victim’, we absolve ourselves from taking responsibility. Accept the situation for what it is and take responsibility for taking [...]

10 things that are holding you back!2020-03-01T07:01:58+00:00

How to Perform Under Pressure

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. However, this statement can only be considered true if you are practicing in the right way. In order to learn how to perform under real pressure, regular practice that is undertaken should simulate the stressors that will exist when the team is faced with actual reality.  Despite this [...]

How to Perform Under Pressure2020-01-30T21:02:29+00:00

Positively Impacting on Sports Performance

Nowhere else is there such an emphasis on performance than the world of sports. Here, I provide some useful tips for all teams regardless of the particular sport that they are involved in.  Let me know how you get on! Firstly, it is absolutely essential to define what we actually mean by 'success'. The rationale [...]

Positively Impacting on Sports Performance2019-12-12T11:47:09+00:00

Looking for 2020 Vision?

All too often we set off into the new year with a list of goals that are long forgotten by the time March rolls around. Lets make 2020 a little different by setting goals that actually mean something to you! Begin by considering what an ideal year might look like. If absolutely anything was possible [...]

Looking for 2020 Vision?2019-12-12T11:24:39+00:00

Leadership & Internal Commitment

Leaders are oftentimes focused exclusively on organisational objectives and performance. However, what many fail to understand is that both the attainment of these objectives and performance are reliant on genuine internal commitment. External performance is a reflection of internal commitment. The challenge for leaders therefore is to foster environments where internal commitment is encouraged and [...]

Leadership & Internal Commitment2019-11-08T10:54:44+00:00

Team Performance & the Dangers of Inaction

If your team is operating exactly the same way that it did three to five years ago then there is a problem and a significant one at that. Yes, contemplating change can sometimes feel a little risky and the apparent certainty of maintaining the status quo at first glance appears all too appealing. It is [...]

Team Performance & the Dangers of Inaction2019-11-08T10:57:50+00:00