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How changing your focus changes what is truly possible

Success. Progress. Growth. Fulfilment. Some of those objectives that remain elusive for so many individuals and teams which as a result, are commonly brought up in coaching sessions. Take a moment to ask yourself an important question. Who has more control over your performance than anybody else? The answer of course is you! Despite this, [...]

How changing your focus changes what is truly possible2019-01-12T19:43:49+00:00

How to work through your ‘to do’ list like never before!

  Use this process to improve how you organise your tasks and manage your workload more effectively. Lose the drift and list your tasks. Do not allow yourself to drift aimlessly from week to week. Each Sunday evening list those tasks that need to be carried out over the coming week. Alternatively, each Friday evening [...]

How to work through your ‘to do’ list like never before!2019-01-06T07:33:44+00:00

Making plans for the coming year? How asking the right questions will help!

Its that time of year when teams are beginning to think about their plans for the coming twelve months. But as they do so, are they really asking themselves the right questions? In asking the right kind of questions, its possible to develop a more effective action plan to move forward with real purpose and [...]

Making plans for the coming year? How asking the right questions will help!2018-12-01T20:06:37+00:00

The Simple but Powerful way to Increase your Productivity and Reduce Stress.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with your workload? Have you a seemingly never-ending list of tasks that you never seem to get through? Are you experiencing stress and anxiety when facing into the busy day ahead? If so, then try this performance enhancing approach. When confronted with any task apply the ‘one-minute rule’. This means [...]

The Simple but Powerful way to Increase your Productivity and Reduce Stress.2018-11-25T08:18:32+00:00

Do something today that you’re actually going to remember

  Are you creating the dedicated space in your schedule to develop yourself professionally and personally each and every day? Or are you drifting along and like a goldfish, struggling to remember what you did last week, never mind last year? Here’s an exercise with four simple steps to get you thinking about this a little [...]

Do something today that you’re actually going to remember2018-11-07T05:21:03+00:00

Why goals are never enough?

Have you ever noticed how obsessed children can become with an activity? Whether it’s a sport or hobby, they appear to think about nothing else day or night.  It becomes their singular focus and they are definitely ‘all in’ in terms of it. Whether their vision is to play for their favourite sports team, to [...]

Why goals are never enough?2018-11-06T12:10:53+00:00

Performance Enhancement? Opposites attract!

  There are always alternative ways to enhance performance.  Here, I outline some apparently opposite approaches  but isn't that what makes life interesting! Implementing or breaking the rules? Lost your focus of late? If so, then firm up on rules and regain your discipline. This will provide you with the solidity and foundation to perform [...]

Performance Enhancement? Opposites attract!2018-10-14T12:07:53+00:00

Wanted: Non-Conformists to improve performance!

  Are you a non-conformist? If so, you might just be the type of person that high performance organisations are looking for. We're all very familiar with non-conformists that have transformed the business world such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and so on.  So too, famous non-conformists in terms of societal change with [...]

Wanted: Non-Conformists to improve performance!2018-10-03T06:05:31+00:00

Is your learning fit for purpose?

How many books have you read? How many podcasts have you listened to? Only for those brilliant insights and information to gradually disappear over time like a puddle on a hot summers day. Many of you may have even tried highlighting key points in a book or maybe jotted down some notes as you listened. [...]

Is your learning fit for purpose?2018-08-30T11:40:10+00:00

Lessons on Organisational Culture: A Hidden Story

  We are all familiar with the extraordinary story of Nelson Mandela. An inspirational visionary leader that changed a nation. There is however, another story. One that is perhaps less well known but nonetheless teaches us valuable lessons about organisational culture. I’ve been very fortunate to visit Robben Island on three occasions and what struck [...]

Lessons on Organisational Culture: A Hidden Story2018-08-30T12:45:27+00:00