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Perfectionism & the Messy Middle

  Are you the type of person that has 'exceptionally high standards'? Some one who demands the absolute best of themselves all the time, everytime? Perhaps you consider yourself to be a bit of a perfectionist?  Maybe you're even a little hard on yourself sometimes (all of the time)? If this sounds familiar then managing [...]

Perfectionism & the Messy Middle2023-12-27T12:23:44+00:00

A Year for Positive and Powerful Change

    How about making the coming year one of powerful positive change? Below, I outline for you in some detail how to make a whole lot more of the coming twelve months so that you can achieve long lasting and powerful change. Here, I focus on three main areas of life...motivation, goal setting and [...]

A Year for Positive and Powerful Change2023-12-27T11:41:43+00:00

5 simple steps to enhance your learning

In my experience, those individuals that excel the most in their particular field, are those that are passionate about learning.  Staying curious and developing a growth mindset are essential in today's world.  Below, I have outlined five powerful approaches so that you too can enhance your own learning. The 5 Minute Rule If you are [...]

5 simple steps to enhance your learning2022-05-30T09:28:47+01:00

Rethinking ‘Working from Home’

'Remote working' or 'working from home' has become commonplace in the last couple of years and it looks like it might just be here to stay for a large percentage of professionals. Reduced commute times, savings in terms of commercial rents and in many instances improved productivity means that it remains an attractive proposition for [...]

Rethinking ‘Working from Home’2022-01-16T14:44:59+00:00

How to create a Positive Team Culture

Developing a positive team culture is not a once off event.  Rather, it is a continuous process.  Yes, it takes time and effort.  For sure, it takes nurturing too however if done right, it will ultimately improve results! There are a number of 'ingredients' needed to foster this positive team culture and I have outlined [...]

How to create a Positive Team Culture2021-10-30T18:31:52+01:00

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s a WIN-WIN Solution

Its not uncommon to come across clients both as individuals or teams whose performance is not where it needs to be due to feelings of being completely overwhelmed. These feelings can be caused as a result of a number of factors such as external challenge, perceived imposed change, stretch goals or losing sight of the [...]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s a WIN-WIN Solution2021-06-06T07:58:11+01:00

Impactful Teams: Ingredients for Success

Below, I outline some of the key features of winning teams.  These are equally applicable in both sport and business. Winning teams make it safe to fail Those teams that are most successful understand that in order to achieve, they must operate at the very edge of their capability.  Pushing and striving for more.  Mistakes [...]

Impactful Teams: Ingredients for Success2021-03-17T11:19:39+00:00

Minimum Targets over Absolute Goals

For anyone even remotely interested in performance, goal setting is essential. Yes, individuals do it. Teams do it. But how effective actually are we when goal setting? In my experience the results can be mixed and rather than setting absolute goals, I would argue that it may be more beneficial to set minimum targets.  Here’s [...]

Minimum Targets over Absolute Goals2021-01-31T15:28:57+00:00

You don’t find time, you create it!

It’s not uncommon to hear clients say that they can't find the time. This term, ‘can't find the time’ is inaccurate in most cases and demonstrates a relinquishing of control.  A helplessness that is overwhelming for many. Its important instead to take personal responsibility, regain control and to understand that you don’t find the time.  [...]

You don’t find time, you create it!2020-12-05T11:23:55+00:00

Coaching: Bringing together People, Purpose & Passion

People, Purpose and Passion Coaching understands that where people come together with a clear purpose and collective passion incredible results can be achieved. This includes absolute clarity in terms individual and team values, collective assumptions and improved goal attainment.  Coaching approaches recognise the experience and skillsets of individuals and the remarkable resourcefulness that we all [...]

Coaching: Bringing together People, Purpose & Passion2020-11-27T12:00:18+00:00


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