The Importance of being present

How present do you tend to be?  In the moment, living in the now or distracted and somewhere else? Are you somebody perhaps that is fixated on past events (Memory-Driven) spending a lot of your [...]

Why fear failure?

So, how would you consider your relationship with ‘failure’? Is it one of embarrassment and shame? To be avoided at all costs or is it something far more positive than that? You might recall that [...]

How embracing discomfort will improve performance

Most individuals, teams and organisations gravitate towards staying in their comfort zones. Sure why not? It’s easier, it’s non-confrontational, its…safe! But that’s why most individuals, teams and organisations are average in terms of their level [...]

The Essentials for Enhancing Performance

Long before I formally studied leadership, coaching and performance, as a sports obsessed child I would instinctively break down the different components of my game each week and carry out a self-assessment after each match. [...]

How to look after yourself

It is very apparent that many people are struggling at present with the stream of constant bad news and the daily uncertainty as to how things are going to unfold. Over the last few days, [...]

10 things that are holding you back!

Here are 10 things that are holding you back!  Take action on these and develop the good habits necessary for success. 1. Complaining too much The moment that we complain and view ourselves as being [...]

How to Perform Under Pressure

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. However, this statement can only be considered true if you are practicing in the right way. In order to learn how to perform under real pressure, regular practice [...]

Positively Impacting on Sports Performance

Nowhere else is there such an emphasis on performance than the world of sports. Here, I provide some useful tips for all teams regardless of the particular sport that they are involved in.  Let me [...]

Looking for 2020 Vision?

All too often we set off into the new year with a list of goals that are long forgotten by the time March rolls around. Lets make 2020 a little different by setting goals that [...]

Leadership & Internal Commitment

Leaders are oftentimes focused exclusively on organisational objectives and performance. However, what many fail to understand is that both the attainment of these objectives and performance are reliant on genuine internal commitment. External performance is [...]

Team Performance & the Dangers of Inaction

If your team is operating exactly the same way that it did three to five years ago then there is a problem and a significant one at that. Yes, contemplating change can sometimes feel a [...]

Team Meeting Tips that Drive Performance

How has your experience of team meetings been?  Good, bad or somewhere in between? We have all unfortunately sat through meetings that seemed as if they would never end! Hopefully, you have also had more [...]

Turning your team from ordinary to extraordinary

High performance teams are obsessive about continuous improvement. Of course they achieve great results, but those positive outcomes are a by-product of their striving to do everyday things better again and again with a high [...]

Leadership: 10 Lessons in Delegation

With the ever increasing pace and complexity of work, today's leaders have come to realise that they cannot 'do it all themselves'. More than ever it is necessary to surround oneself with a diverse, skilled [...]

Three Pillars of Leadership Communication

Communication can either make or break a leader.  Here I provide three pillars of communication for effective high performance leadership. Listening is a priority Truly listening demonstrates that you value the opinion of others at [...]

Why you need to Change your Management Approach

So, what is a coaching approach to management? Today, employees look for managers that empower and enable them to generate their own solutions.  Someone who is genuinely interested, wanting to see them develop and grow.  [...]

Reworking the Dysfunctional Team

A team exhibiting poor performance is one that requires urgent attention.  Below is an effective short-term response to help refocus and rework a dysfunctional team. The 3Ws Process for Teams - The Quick Rework 1. [...]

Good to Great: High Performance Lessons

So, what is it that separates high performance from individuals that are considered merely ‘competent’ in their roles? How do some individuals end up being recognised as exceptional leaders in their specific field while others [...]

The First Steps to Living A Life Less Ordinary

Everyone would like a vibrant life truly filled with meaning and purpose.  To live a life less ordinary. But can you honestly say 'yes, this is me'? Or perhaps, you find life slipping by underpinned [...]

5 Actions to Drive Your Leadership Performance

If you are fortunate enough to already hold a leadership position then you should be aware that remaining stationary in terms of your own development is not an option! A key feature for successful leaders [...]

Goal Setting that actually works!

  Goal setting is a central component of individual, team and organisational performance. Depite this, oftentimes attempts can be half hearted or the approach adopted completely outdated. Below, I am providing you with a simple [...]

Stop doing these 6 things & enhance your performance

  1. Easing into your day. Instead focus on your most important and/or challenging task first. 2. Ignoring your health. How can you possibly perform to your optimum level if you are neglecting your physical [...]

You are more than your role: lessons in performance

  Very few individuals can honestly say that they are fulfilling their potential and working consistently to the level that they are truly capable of.  If you are one of these professionals, then consider these [...]

Your Past, Present & Future Self

  So many of us dedicate years trying to achieve the goals and objectives of others. Concentrating and striving to satisfy the needs of our colleagues, family and friends for example but oftentimes fundamentally dissatisfied [...]