Perfectionism & the Messy Middle

  Are you the type of person that has 'exceptionally high standards'? Some one who demands the absolute best of themselves all the time, everytime? Perhaps you consider yourself to be a bit of a [...]

A Year for Positive and Powerful Change

    How about making the coming year one of powerful positive change? Below, I outline for you in some detail how to make a whole lot more of the coming twelve months so that [...]

5 simple steps to enhance your learning

In my experience, those individuals that excel the most in their particular field, are those that are passionate about learning.  Staying curious and developing a growth mindset are essential in today's world.  Below, I have [...]

Rethinking ‘Working from Home’

'Remote working' or 'working from home' has become commonplace in the last couple of years and it looks like it might just be here to stay for a large percentage of professionals. Reduced commute times, [...]

How to create a Positive Team Culture

Developing a positive team culture is not a once off event.  Rather, it is a continuous process.  Yes, it takes time and effort.  For sure, it takes nurturing too however if done right, it will [...]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s a WIN-WIN Solution

Its not uncommon to come across clients both as individuals or teams whose performance is not where it needs to be due to feelings of being completely overwhelmed. These feelings can be caused as a [...]

Impactful Teams: Ingredients for Success

Below, I outline some of the key features of winning teams.  These are equally applicable in both sport and business. Winning teams make it safe to fail Those teams that are most successful understand that [...]

Minimum Targets over Absolute Goals

For anyone even remotely interested in performance, goal setting is essential. Yes, individuals do it. Teams do it. But how effective actually are we when goal setting? In my experience the results can be mixed [...]

You don’t find time, you create it!

It’s not uncommon to hear clients say that they can't find the time. This term, ‘can't find the time’ is inaccurate in most cases and demonstrates a relinquishing of control.  A helplessness that is overwhelming [...]

Coaching: Bringing together People, Purpose & Passion

People, Purpose and Passion Coaching understands that where people come together with a clear purpose and collective passion incredible results can be achieved. This includes absolute clarity in terms individual and team values, collective assumptions [...]

Online Meetings that Work!

This year has seen an unprecedented increase in the use of online meetings. While the benefits are obvious in terms of remote working and efficient use of time for example, it has also posed many [...]

20 Tips to Instantly Improve your Performance

Write down your to do list each morning and arrange them into the most important/most urgent/best left until later. Start your day with movement & incorporate it throughout your day. Keep an idea journal and [...]

How to Improve Focus, Productivity & Performance

Remember that an efficient and focused eight-hour day will always produce better outcomes than an inefficient and unfocused twelve-hour day.  Busyness doesn’t always equate to effectiveness. Audit your time and consider where you are getting [...]

Learnings of a Professional Coach & Trainer

I'm extremely fortunate to work with great people!  Business owners, global executives, start-ups, SMEs and multi-national organisations.  So too, all sorts of teams in both business and sport. Some are highly focused and performance orientated [...]

Big Goals & the Art of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline can be really tough and that is why so many of us fail again and again! Taking disciplined actions requires us tolerating short term temporary discomfort in the belief that it will result in [...]

The Importance of being present

How present do you tend to be?  In the moment, living in the now or distracted and somewhere else? Are you somebody perhaps that is fixated on past events (Memory-Driven) spending a lot of your [...]

Why fear failure?

So, how would you consider your relationship with ‘failure’? Is it one of embarrassment and shame? To be avoided at all costs or is it something far more positive than that? You might recall that [...]

How embracing discomfort will improve performance

Most individuals, teams and organisations gravitate towards staying in their comfort zones. Sure why not? It’s easier, it’s non-confrontational, its…safe! But that’s why most individuals, teams and organisations are average in terms of their level [...]

The Essentials for Enhancing Performance

Long before I formally studied leadership, coaching and performance, as a sports obsessed child I would instinctively break down the different components of my game each week and carry out a self-assessment after each match. [...]

How to look after yourself

It is very apparent that many people are struggling at present with the stream of constant bad news and the daily uncertainty as to how things are going to unfold. Over the last few days, [...]

10 things that are holding you back!

Here are 10 things that are holding you back!  Take action on these and develop the good habits necessary for success. 1. Complaining too much The moment that we complain and view ourselves as being [...]

How to Perform Under Pressure

Practice makes perfect, or so they say. However, this statement can only be considered true if you are practicing in the right way. In order to learn how to perform under real pressure, regular practice [...]

Positively Impacting on Sports Performance

Nowhere else is there such an emphasis on performance than the world of sports. Here, I provide some useful tips for all teams regardless of the particular sport that they are involved in.  Let me [...]

Looking for 2020 Vision?

All too often we set off into the new year with a list of goals that are long forgotten by the time March rolls around. Lets make 2020 a little different by setting goals that [...]


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