How to use control and freedom to improve performance

This is a useful exercise in considering the extent of control and freedom we impose on ourselves as individuals, teams and organisations.  In doing so, this allows us to consider alternative options so that we [...]

How changing your focus changes what is truly possible

Success. Progress. Growth. Fulfilment. Some of those objectives that remain elusive for so many individuals and teams which as a result, are commonly brought up in coaching sessions. Take a moment to ask yourself an [...]

Why goals are never enough?

Have you ever noticed how obsessed children can become with an activity? Whether it’s a sport or hobby, they appear to think about nothing else day or night.  It becomes their singular focus and they [...]

Performance Enhancement? Opposites attract!

  There are always alternative ways to enhance performance.  Here, I outline some apparently opposite approaches  but isn't that what makes life interesting! Implementing or breaking the rules? Lost your focus of late? If so, [...]

Wanted: Non-Conformists to improve performance!

  Are you a non-conformist? If so, you might just be the type of person that high performance organisations are looking for. We're all very familiar with non-conformists that have transformed the business world such [...]

Is your learning fit for purpose?

How many books have you read? How many podcasts have you listened to? Only for those brilliant insights and information to gradually disappear over time like a puddle on a hot summers day. Many of [...]

Lessons on Organisational Culture: A Hidden Story

  We are all familiar with the extraordinary story of Nelson Mandela. An inspirational visionary leader that changed a nation. There is however, another story. One that is perhaps less well known but nonetheless teaches [...]

Time to Put Yourself in the Driving Seat

High performance leaders understand the necessity for on-going personal and professional growth, learning and development. They are fully committed and understand how essential it is for success and optimum performance. So too do they recognise [...]

How in control of your time are you?

How in control of your time are you? Are you constantly reacting to crisis after crisis or simply struggling to get work done? Maybe, your time management skills are quite good but you're wondering how [...]

Willing to try something new today?

How often do you sit in meetings that drain you of all motivation? Mundane and boring, it can feel as though it is simply a ‘box ticking’ exercise or Groundhog Day! Instead, how about holding [...]

How Managers can Improve Team Performance

As a manager what can you do you improve team performance? To begin with its essential to have clarity in terms of your own role and objectives. 1. Increase levels of engagement and motivation within [...]

Questioning your Direction in Life?

Why is it that so many people today are quietly questioning the direction that they are travelling in life?  Too proud (or maybe stubborn) to speak to others about that niggling doubt that exists. Whether it is their [...]

Redesigning the ‘Work Life Balance’ Perspective

There is no doubt that the boundaries between our professional and personal lives are today more permeable and flexible than ever before. The infamous 'work life balance' for many is more of a struggle today [...]

Time to turn off the Autopilot

Too many people are living life as if it were a rehearsal. Drifting along on autopilot and vaguely hoping that at some point in the future, things will improve. If this is you, then let [...]

The Secrets of High Performance

The good news is that high performance is something that is available to everybody. It does however require a specific mindset that needs to be developed. To begin with, high performers consistently seek greater clarity.  [...]

Move Your Meetings in the Right Direction

Have you noticed how the quality of our thinking and creativity often improves as we move? Many workplaces are now realising this and incorporating 'walking meetings' into their daily activities.  Replacing the traditional boardroom and [...]

Warning: Innovation is not an event

You may have noticed recently that many of the articles on innovation speak about it as if this were an event. Truly successful businesses and professionals understand that in reality innovation is not an event, [...]

Deep Work & the Myth of Busy

  The busier we are the better. Surely yes?  Well, actually the answer in reality is more than likely a resounding 'no'. For sure, each day we rush from meeting to meeting, spend an extraordinary [...]

Discover this new way to attack ideas, not people

  Learn more here on how to encourage and generate a learning culture where ideas are truly valued.  Discover this new way to attack ideas and not people! Here, we learn some simple steps that [...]

Confidence is Overrated

  Individuals, teams and organisations want to feel confident in themselves and in their interactions with others, but we need to ask ourselves at what cost? With a desire to always be 100% confident in [...]