Are you creating the dedicated space in your schedule to develop yourself professionally and personally each and every day?

Or are you drifting along and like a goldfish, struggling to remember what you did last week, never mind last year?

Here’s an exercise with four simple steps to get you thinking about this a little more.

Step one, divide your typical 24 hour day into both time committed to work and time allocated to your personal life using a simple pie chart.

Next, in step two create two separate new pie charts, one for your professional life and another for personal life.

Let’s now focus on each of these in turn.

In step three, divide your ‘professional life’ pie chart into segments. How much time do you spend responding to email? How about supporting others with tasks that are unrelated to your role? What about allowing yourself time to think strategically or creatively? Maybe, you have been too ‘busy’ of late for such activities? Are you spending part of your day trying to look busy? Is there any duplication within your day or how about space for you to reflect and develop?

Are you using your time intentionally to optimise your performance? If not, then why not?

Finally in step four, divide your ‘personal life’ pie chart into segments. How much of your time do you spend in bed?  How much time browsing on your mobile device, watching Netflix or watching TV?  What about time with the kids or family, cleaning your home, preparing food, etc.?

Do you allow yourself to intentionally do something each day big or small that you want to remember? If not, then why not?

Take some time to reflect on the information that you have gathered. For each of us it will be different.

The final question that you need to ask is this.  Are you living a life both professionally and personally with intention?

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