Change is inevitable and there is no escaping it.

Take a moment to consider just how much change has taken place within your own family, your local community, those towns and cities that you spend time in, at a national level and of course at a global level.  In many instances things are almost unrecognisable to how they were five or ten years ago.

It would also appear that the rate of change if anything is accelerating and becoming more complex.

Despite this, many individuals, organisations or companies believe that they don’t have to change.  This is especially the case, where they are currently successful.

Changing when you are on top is almost counter intuitive but this attitude can lead to a number of problems.

Firstly, in failing to initiate and embrace change, you will be left behind by others including your competitors.

Secondly, as change is inevitable you can either initiate it on your own terms which gives you an advantage or inevitably have it imposed upon you which is much more challenging as you try to respond. In such circumstances businesses often find themselves ‘behind the curve’ and playing catch up.

Finally, when everything around you is changing and you attempt to consistently resist it, you are expending enormous amounts of energy just trying to stay the same. Imagine what you could achieve by refocussing those energies on something more productive.

Embrace change. Be brave and realise the opportunities that will arise as a result.

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