Goal setting is a central component of individual, team and organisational performance.

Depite this, oftentimes attempts can be half hearted or the approach adopted completely outdated.

Below, I am providing you with a simple but effective model (see diagram below) that provides an effective process through which you can set and achieve you goals more effectively from today.

1. Decide what it is specifically that you want to do. Simple!
2. Consider why it is that you want to do it? Simon Sinek regularly speaks about the ‘why’? In effective goal setting, there needs to be aligning of both hearts and minds. In understanding the ‘why’, it provides us a powerful insight into the actual reason that a goal is important to us.  This in itself helps to keep us motivated.
3. After deciding what you want to do and why it is important, you then need to decide what actions are needed in order to achieve your goal? Small tasks that will ultimately lead you to success! Decide also the necessary time frames and be clear in terms of who is taking responsibility for each element of the action plan.
4. Before moving on to implementation of your action plan, consider all of the stakeholders that will be effected both directly and indirectly. Place yourself in each of their positions and consider the various perspectives. What are the pros and cons for each of them? Also, what level of interest or power do each of these stakeholders have in terms of supporting or hindering your action plan? If needs be adapt your action plan accordingly at this point and then move on to its implementation.
5. Observe the implementation of your action plan on an ongoing basis. Monitor what is working well and where obstacles have arisen. Adapt your actions by returning to the beginning of the process where you will ask again ‘what do you want to do’?

Joe McDonald founder of create10 is an experienced professional coach and trainer with 20+ years experience of working at a senior management/director level.  He works with individuals teams and organisations is enhancing performance through one to one confidential coaching, powerful workshops and flexible online courses.  See www.create10.ie for further information or email info@create10.ie