So, what is it that separates high performance from individuals that are considered merely ‘competent’ in their roles?

How do some individuals end up being recognised as exceptional leaders in their specific field while others are not?

Let us take sports as an example. A professional rugby player certainly needs a broad range of skills such as the ability to have speed, stamina, strength, flexibility, etc. However, to become a world class international athlete there is a need to truly specialise at an almost obsessive level.

For example, an international full back will spend many long hours practicing catching a high ball consistently long after the rest of the team has gone home. A world class mid-field player in soccer may spend hours consistently practicing taking free kicks well after the training session has been completed so that he or she can become a household name.

It is this commitment to excellence with a specific narrow focus that sets high performers apart from those that are referred to as simply competent.

The same mindset can be applied to many aspects of life including business.

Firstly, there is a need to recognise and understand the various components of your role in order to be considered competent. What is expected of you and are you adequately skilled to meet these expectations? This is however simply the beginning.

In order to become a high performer, there is a need to assess the skill deficits in your team and/or organisation. What are they really missing when it comes to exceptional performance? Are any of these areas of particular interest to you?  Something that you would like to be known for as the renowned ‘go to’ person?

Choose one aspect that you are passionate about and focus on it in absolute detail. Are you willing to obsess about it and go all in?

Remember, that a broad skill set is good but exceptional performance is a more concentrated consistent narrowed focused effort. It is this commitment to action that will ultimately lead you to high performance.  If you would like support in achieving this, then reach out today.

Joe McDonald founder of create10 is an experienced professional coach and trainer with 20+ years experience of working at a senior management/director level. He works with individuals, teams and organisations in enhancing performance through one to one confidential coaching, powerful workshops and flexible online courses. See for further information or email