Success. Progress. Growth. Fulfilment.

Some of those objectives that remain elusive for so many individuals and teams which as a result, are commonly brought up in coaching sessions.

Take a moment to ask yourself an important question.

Who has more control over your performance than anybody else?

The answer of course is you!

Despite this, individuals and teams regularly give away responsibility for their success, progress, growth and fulfilment to others.

Conversely, many individuals and teams blame others for their failure to succeed, progress, grow or find fulfilment.

Attributing all of our success to others never serves us well. So too blaming others for all of our failures diminishes our own personal responsibility.

However, there are other more positive options.  One example, is to adopt self-leadership skills which involves taking responsibility for our own success, progress, growth and fulfilment. It may be a little scary for many at least to begin with, but is ultimately one of the most positive, empowering changes that individuals and teams can implement.

Remember, changing your focus changes what is truly possible.

Developing self-leadership skills and taking personal responsibility for real is a common theme within many of the coaching sessions that I have with clients.  The transformative outcomes as a consequence are quite remarkable.

How prepared are you to change your focus and discover what is truly possible?

Joe McDonald is founder of create10 providing powerful, impactful workshops to teams across all sectors and industries. Also, one to one confidential coaching and flexible online courses on leadership development, coaching for strategy, team development and innovation. See or email