How in control of your time are you?

Are you constantly reacting to crisis after crisis or simply struggling to get work done?

Maybe, your time management skills are quite good but you’re wondering how others seem to be more effective?

The most productive, efficient professionals understand how important it is to direct their time and energy in the right areas.  In doing so, it provides more control, ensuring greater focus and improved performance.

So, how might you review your own performance in the areas of time allocation and management?  Here’s a short exercise to get you started.

1.Review where your time and energy is most productive.

What was the high point of your day?  When did you feel most satisfied today? What did you feel proud of today? What did you learn today? When did you feel most connected to others?

2. Review where your time and energy is wasted.

What was the low point of your day?  Did you feel bored at any point? What are you putting off or avoiding? How much time do you spend ‘reacting to’ rather than ‘planning to meet’ challenges? How do you waste time?

3. What small steps can you take right now to be more productive and efficient? 

Where could you find more time?  What do you say to yourself at the start of each day? Where do you believe that you could control time and how might you do that? What do you need to start or remove in order to have more control? Is it possible to delegate certain tasks to others? What are the consequences of doing/not doing this?

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