How positive are you feeling right now?

Are things going how you had anticipated and are you feeling in control; or is it the complete opposite?

Perhaps you’re somebody that has an ‘external locus of control’ where you feel that external factors are exerting significant control over your life and that choices are quite limited for you right now?

Maybe you are your own worst critic or a ‘people pleaser’?

In stark contrast to this, you may have an ‘internal locus of control’, believing instead that you have real power and influence over the events in your life. You believe in your own capability to make powerful choices and control your own destiny.

Do you truly believe you have what it takes to achieve your goals and succeed?

Is your inner narrative one of ‘I’ll try’ or is it a definite ‘I will’?

Do you feel capable in this moment of moving forward with intention, action and purpose?

If you are lacking confidence at the moment and are afraid of failure it is important to remember that experimentation keeps us honest.

It allows us to give ourselves permission to fail and learn; to remain curious and to work on the edge of our own capabilities.

Remember, that your future success will likely be determined by your response to inevitable setbacks along the way. Observe, adapt, improve, repeat.

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