Individual Life Coaching

Very few people can honestly say that they are living a life that reflects the very best of their ability. In fact, for many there are aspects of life that we struggle with from time to time whether that is career, time management, sports performance, self confidence, study, retirement, etc. How might it be to have your own highly experienced, qualified and non-judgemental coach who is there for one purpose? That sole purpose is to listen and support you so you can fulfil your true potential.

Remember that if you want things to change you must first be willing to change yourself.

create10 has at our disposal a range approaches such as solutions focused coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, narrative methods, mindfulness, person centred, psychodynamic, personality and emotional intelligence (EQ) assessments, etc. and we adapt our style dependent on the client that we are supporting. Contact us today and we can answer any queries that you may have.