Are you wasting your valuable time focusing on what others are getting wrong rather than on what you can get right?

Maybe you have a boss that isn’t listening to you?  Your team mates aren’t motivated? Perhaps you aren’t being provided with enough resources or your workload is unrealistic?

Of course, its very easy to look at those external factors and place the blame firmly at their feet.

But how about you?

How about those internal factors?

Are you challenging yourself? Willing to step outside of your comfort zone and develop? How have your own motivation levels been of late? Could you be working smarter and in the process achieving more? How is your confidence at the moment? Are you fearful of looking foolish or do you experience imposter syndrome where you are afraid that you are going to get ‘found out’ at any moment?

What might it be like to regain more control?

Remember that through taking action on yourself others too will be positively impacted.  

How about being intentional in the example that you are setting each and every day.

Instead of focusing on what others are doing wrong, focus on what you can get right. 

It begins with a self awareness of those things that you are doing well and yes, those aspects of your performance that need to be improved upon.  Taking responsibility for your own performance, discovering the motivation that you once had and making the kind of impact that you are truly capable of.

Remember, that it really does start with you!

Joe McDonald is founder of create10, providing one to one confidential coaching, powerful workshops to teams and flexible online courses on leadership development, coaching for strategy, team development and innovation. See or email for further information