Leaders are oftentimes focused exclusively on organisational objectives and performance.

However, what many fail to understand is that both the attainment of these objectives and performance are reliant on genuine internal commitment.

External performance is a reflection of internal commitment.

The challenge for leaders therefore is to foster environments where internal commitment is encouraged and supported. In order to do this, leaders need to ask themselves ‘where does internal commitment come from’?

Well, the internal commitment that we are referring to stems from the very real connection between an individual’s purpose, values and beliefs to that of the wider team and organisational objectives.

Those leaders that are most effective in creating environments that foster internal commitment are both visionary and empowering.

Visionary in terms of co-creating with employees a picture of a desired future state so that individuals really understand and relate to it. Through co-creation and understanding, individuals feel part of something larger than themselves which builds internal commitment.

Empowering leadership is the way of enabling and supporting others to discover and rediscover the very best of themselves more consistently. Coaching approaches to leadership are one of the most effective and proven ways in which to achieve this.

How effective are you or the leaders in your organisation in building an environment that promotes internal commitment?  What actions are you going to take to improve today?

Joe McDonald, Founder of create10 works with individuals, teams and organisations in enhancing performance. One to one professional coaching, team workshops and online courses at www.create10.ie or email info@create10.ie for further information.