How many books have you read?

How many podcasts have you listened to?

Only for those brilliant insights and information to gradually disappear over time like a puddle on a hot summers day.

Many of you may have even tried highlighting key points in a book or maybe jotted down some notes as you listened.

This is certainly better but still not great for retaining important information.

Instead, what you need to do is the following.

After reading a chapter or listening to a podcast, summarise the learning ‘in your own words’. Write it as if you were explaining it to someone else.

In doing so you demand of yourself real reflection and interpretation of the information.

You may find that as you write the learning down in your own words, new insights are revealed as you internalise the details and make connections with information that you already had.

Remember that the learning is in the writing.

Finally, take a few moments to write down how you intend to ‘action’ this new learning. What specific actions will you take to incorporate this into your work and life today and over the next week?

Remember that new information is only useful to us if it is used.

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