I’m extremely fortunate to work with great people!  Business owners, global executives, start-ups, SMEs and multi-national organisations.  So too, all sorts of teams in both business and sport.

Some are highly focused and performance orientated while others have completely lost their way. The one commonality amongst them all is the realisation that coaching approaches can and do change lives at an individual, team and organisational level.

Below, I’ve listed fifteen of the things (there are plenty more!) that I have learnt while working with great clients.  I hope that you can relate to some of them and will find this list useful.

  1. Many individuals, teams and organisations have vague goals and are unclear where they are currently in the process.
  2. Confidence building is incremental. Those lacking confidence wish that they could flick a switch and suddenly gain the ability to have confidence but this is unrealistic.  Rather, each and every small victory at the margins of your capability instils the confidence to go further next time and so it builds.
  3. You can make excuses or take positive action but you cannot do both.
  4. Far too many have no real understanding of their personal values nor the importance of them in guiding individual and collective thinking and behaviours.
  5. So many do not appreciate the importance of creating the time and space for creativity and innovation.
  6. Allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable is a powerful catalyst for transformative and long-lasting change.
  7. You are never too old/young/big/small (fill in the blank) to take that first necessary step.
  8. Your failures are your greatest learning opportunities when you maintain a growth mindset.
  9. Learn to recognise and understand your strengths and do more of that more frequently!
  10. Many individuals, teams and organisations are overly conservative when it comes to goal setting and creating a vision for their future. Be brave and unapologetically ambitious for yourself and those around you.
  11. How you tell your story reflects how you view yourself and your environment.
  12. People are far more capable than they believe, and clients ultimately achieve a lot more than they initially anticipated.
  13. What you choose to measure in terms of performance and how you choose to measure success determines your daily thinking and behaviour.
  14. Each and every obstacle that you are confronted with presents you with a unique opportunity to improve your thinking, behaviour and performance.
  15. The quality and consistency of your habits will go some way to determining your outcomes.

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