All too often we set off into the new year with a list of goals that are long forgotten by the time March rolls around.

Lets make 2020 a little different by setting goals that actually mean something to you!

Begin by considering what an ideal year might look like. If absolutely anything was possible what would that twelve months look like for you? Take a few minutes to write down in as much detail as possible a summary of an incredible year under the following headings:

1. Personal Relationships
2. Health & Wellbeing
3. Career satisfaction
4. Financial status
5. Recreation and fun
6. Learning & Growth

Next, I want you to reflect on 2019 under each of the headings above. How has the last twelve months really been for you? Write down a detailed summary with absolute honesty.

I now want you to examine both summaries; the ideal twelve months that you would like compared to your actual lived experience in 2019.

How do they compare? If you change nothing, how will you feel in twelve months time?

What actions can you take to move from your current position to where you need to be? Can you list any specific goals in the new year to make 2020 the best one yet? The coming new year provides you with the ideal opportunity to take the necessary action. Reach out, if you would like support with this.

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