How can you make new behaviours stick?

Well, where possible pair them with well-established good habits.

Lets use a very simple individual example to demonstrate how this actually works. Say that you want to begin to have a healthy bowl of porridge each morning for breakfast. Well, pair it with getting dressed.

Here’s how its implemented. Do not allow yourself to get dressed until you have eaten your bowl of healthy porridge. Leaving the house each morning cannot happen until you are dressed so therefore you have significantly improved the likelihood that you will have that new breakfast.

In the workplace, there are numerous opportunities to develop new behaviours again by pairing them with preferred activities.

Think of those aspects of your current role that you already really enjoy, preferably those that you do on a daily basis and that are well established. Now, pair these with your new behaviour.

Similar to having that porridge every morning, you will enhance the likelihood of success and improve your workplace performance.

Try pairing your new valued behaviours with preferred established habits and see how you get on with enhancing your overall performance.

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