It is a frequent occurence to come across both individuals and companies that are working away relentlessly in pursuit of their goals.  Sometimes making progress while at other times growing more and more frustrated due to a lack of success.  Sometimes they feel that the harder that they work the less progress that they are making!  So, when they are not making the progress that they had anticipated, what do they typically do?  Well, they redouble their efforts of course and work even harder than before and subsequently become even more exasperated when progress remains just as evasive and out of reach.

That is because the answer to their problem is almost contradictory in nature.  In order to make progress, we must, individually and collectively, take the time to stand still.

How can this be?  Well, in standing still, we allow ourselves to take a breath and reassess.  This momentary pause creates the space to consider alternatives and to think ‘outside the box’.  Perhaps the goal is no longer relevant or those obstacles that have been so stubborn in our attempts to remove them can actually be navigated around with a different approach.

In life and business it is essential to take time out.  To recharge and renew.  In executive coaching we create the non judgemental, confidential space for this to occur. We use our expertise and knowledge to enable clients to access their own innate resourcefulness and find the answers that they have been seeking.  In doing so, they learn how to make the progress that has been eluding them for so long.  We also teach individual leaders and leadership teams how to embed coaching approaches into their own day to day practice so that employees can benefit.  As a result those very companies and workplaces that have been struggling to make progress, can instead thrive and achieve.

So from time to time, take a moment to stand still.  You may be surprised with how much progress you can make as a result.