Its that time of year when teams are beginning to think about their plans for the coming twelve months.

But as they do so, are they really asking themselves the right questions?

In asking the right kind of questions, its possible to develop a more effective action plan to move forward with real purpose and direction.

Here are some questions for teams that are planning for the coming year to help get started.

What are you not noticing that needs attention?
What are your team’s priorities right now and what might they be in twelve months’ time?
What will you do to ensure the development of team members individually and collectively in the coming year?
What drives your use of time and how is that serving you?
What actions over the coming twelve months would align you closer to your vision?
What does the gap between where you are now and where you want to be in twelve months’ time look like?

For those in management positions looking to develop your leadership capability over the coming twelve months, here are some questions specifically for you.

What did you do this year that enhanced the team’s performance?
What did you do this year that got in the way of their performance?
What conversations are you avoiding?
What is the most useful mistake that you’ve made recently?
What are you prepared to do differently?
How much of your work is enjoyable and can you increase this?
Where/who do you go to for inspiration?

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