There are always alternative ways to enhance performance.  Here, I outline some apparently opposite approaches  but isn’t that what makes life interesting!

Implementing or breaking the rules?
Lost your focus of late? If so, then firm up on rules and regain your discipline. This will provide you with the solidity and foundation to perform at a higher level. Alternatively, if you’re feeling bored and restricted consider breaking the rules. At times those very rules that individuals and teams once created for themselves need to be reviewed, revised and yes, even discarded for meaningful innovation and growth.

Standing still or getting moving?
Pause, stand still and clarify your perspective.  What is your opinion and perspective right now? Get some clarity and reflect on ‘how things are’.  Alternatively, remember that sometimes we become rigid in our views and in doing some develop a fixed mindset. Consider moving instead, changing where you stand to gain different perspectives. Viewing issues from different perspectives opens up a whole new range of opportunities and choices.

Tidying up or making a mess?
It could be that you aren’t organised enough right now and you need to tidy things up. This can allow you to ‘get on top’ of your workload and prioritise what is most important right now. Alternatively, are you too controlled and comfortable? If so, you might need to make a mess. Lean into the edge of your capability, play a little and discover your capacity to innovate.

Setting Direction or letting go?
For those of you currently leading teams, are you providing enough clarity, certainty and direction to focus minds or alternatively are you overly controlling and micro-managing each and every aspect of the work? Creating an environment where others can thrive is one of your primary objectives and if team members were to rate you right now what score might you achieve?

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