Nowhere else is there such an emphasis on performance than the world of sports. Here, I provide some useful tips for all teams regardless of the particular sport that they are involved in.  Let me know how you get on!

Firstly, it is absolutely essential to define what we actually mean by ‘success’. The rationale for this is that for each and every team it will mean something very different.

Success for one team might be to develop young players while for another it may be to win a certain percentage of games over the course of a season?  Perhaps it may be something else completely. What’s necessary is to be absolutely clear on what success means to your particular team and that everyone involved understands it. Define what it specifically means. What has it looked like to  similar teams? How will you measure it?  Remember, what gets measured gets done!

Secondly, what are your team values? Perhaps one of them is honesty? Maybe commitment? It could be any number of different values but what is required is to develop a list that individuals can remember and fundamentally relate to. Once these values are agreed upon it is important to ask the following two questions. What do we say to one another each day that supports these team values? What do we do each day in our actions that embodies these same team values?

Thirdly, what is your teams attitude to fear? Do they freeze, withdraw and underperform. Or do they use it as an opportunity to prepare, challenge one another and build contingency plans?  Is the team culture overly conservative or is there an understanding that being brave enough to work on the edge of our capabilities in where the magic really happens?

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