There is no doubt that the boundaries between our professional and personal lives are today more permeable and flexible than ever before.

The infamous ‘work life balance’ for many is more of a struggle today with the response from employers  unfortunately often sadly outdated and not at all fit for purpose.

‘Away days’ from the workplace spent paint balling or doing yoga just won’t cut it anymore.  Nor will simply adding a coffee dock and standing desks to the workplace environment in the mistaken belief that these will some how motivate employees and retain staff morale in the long term.

It is not saying that these are unhelpful.  Clearly they do serve a purpose.  But rather that they will not resolve the sense of disconnect, discontent and something far deeper and profound which many are experiencing.

In reality there is a need to understand that it is no longer simply a case of ‘one or the other’.  Its not about either prioritising your career or that of your personal commitments to the detriment of the other.

Both employees and employers are slowly coming to the realisation that it is about successfully integrating the two elements in an individualised, meaningful and person centred way.

Until such time as this is fully understood and achieved, individuals will continue to be rarely truly present and engaged either personally with their loved ones or professionally with their colleagues.

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