A team exhibiting poor performance is one that requires urgent attention.  Below is an effective short-term response to help refocus and rework a dysfunctional team.

The 3Ws Process for Teams – The Quick Rework

1. What is working?
2. What’s not working?
3. What can I do to help you succeed?

Firstly, meet with each member of the team. The purpose at this stage is simply to listen and not to offer advice. Take notes, gently encourage each person to speak openly and allow them the space to contribute their personal perspective. At the end of the session, thank each person for meeting with you.

Once you have met with each member of the team, the next stage is to analyse the data collected. Are there common themes across different team members? What are this teams’ strengths and working well?  Can you identify areas that they need to work on? Are there individual issues that require attention?

Next, begin to consider what actions might need to be taken.  Some of these actions might lead to positive collective outcomes across most if not all of the team. Others may be more targeted to support specific individuals? What role might you play in implementing these actions?

You now need to communicate to the team the draft action plan and its rationale. Remain flexible at this stage and encourage the team to contribute to it also.  Allocate responsibilities, timelines and review progress on an ongoing basis.

Finally, do not forget to celebrate even small successes as acknowledging these will help to maintain momentum, establish trust and build confidence amongst the team.

Joe McDonald founder of create10 is an experienced professional coach and trainer with 20+ years experience of working at a senior management/director level. He works with individuals, teams and organisations in enhancing performance through one to one confidential coaching, powerful workshops and flexible online courses. See www.create10.ie for further information or email info@create10.ie