1. Easing into your day. Instead focus on your most important and/or challenging task first.

2. Ignoring your health. How can you possibly perform to your optimum level if you are neglecting your physical and mental health?

3. Multi-tasking. Constantly switching between tasks depletes mental energy. You are also far more likely to make mistakes so take the time for deep work and apply singular focus.

4. Putting others needs first all of the time. Remember the flight attendant safety advice. Place your own oxygen mask on first so that you better equipped to help others. Apply this to life in general.

5. Overestimating others ability while undermining your own. Understand that others have the same insecurities and self-doubt.  Also, that you are far more capable than you realise.

6. Procrastinating. Things will not change unless you are willing to change yourself. There will never be a perfect time so take action today!

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