Team Performance

Do you want those teams that you work with to perform to the best of their ability? How might it be if every employee felt part of something larger than themselves and truly believed that their contribution was ultimately making a difference? Team coaching is a fast and effective way to develop even the most average of teams into an effective, energised and focused group of individuals with collective goals and ambitions.

Our sports workshops are packed full of tools and techniques to enhance performance and develop a winning mindset. Thoroughly engaging and enjoyable, your team will leave with greater clarity and increased motivation than ever before.

create10 can adopt a variety of approaches such as solution focused coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, narrative methods, mindfulness, person centred, psychodynamic, personality and emotional intelligence (EQ) assessments, etc. Often with such work the focus is upon goal attainment, problem solving, shared values, clarification of purpose, conflict resolution, communication, etc. Our group coaching sessions are highly applied and interactive leading to greater levels of individual and collective awareness. Contact us today and we can discuss your needs.