If your team is operating exactly the same way that it did three to five years ago then there is a problem and a significant one at that.

Yes, contemplating change can sometimes feel a little risky and the apparent certainty of maintaining the status quo at first glance appears all too appealing.

It is not uncommon to hear these types of team using phrases such as…

‘We have always done it this way’.

‘I think that we are doing a great job already’!

‘We have tried that before and it didn’t work’.

‘If it isn’t broke then don’t fix it’.

Perhaps some of these sound familiar to you?

These teams really tend to be insular in their focus and will do everything possible to avoid making any choices. The ironic fact of the matter is that by deciding to remain the same, they have unknowingly made that choice!

It is absolutely essential to recognise that inaction is every bit as risky.

Those individuals, teams and organisations that are truly focused on performance understand that change is inevitable.

Environments that are orientated towards high performance are consistently looking for those 1 or 2% incremental improvements so that they can gain a competitive edge.

Yes, they review internal systems but they also remain as focused on external influences.

They regularly benchmark themselves against the very best of their competitors, viewing these not as the bar to reach but rather as the minimum standard that they expect from themselves.

Change is viewed as an integral aspect in enhancing individual and collective performance. So, the next time that you are contemplating change, recognise the opportunities that it provides and embrace the challenge.

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