Every high performance leader understands the need to consistently drive both their own and others performance.

Here are five powerful questions that every leader needs to answer….

  1. Are you willing to take full responsibility for the choices that you make?

It is not only about accepting accolades when things go well but its about being willing to accept personal responsibility when things do not go according to plan.  Humility, honesty and self awareness are attractive propositions that followers will respect leaders for even more when displayed.

2.  Do you challenge others and allow others to challenge you?

Leadership is not about maintaining absolute consensus.  It is about respectfully challenging one another and in doing so developing an organisational culture where only the very best ideas survive!  Ideas need to be questioned, tested and built upon so that they can drive individual and collective performance.

3.  Are you capable of seeing the opportunity in every situation both good and bad?

That deal that didn’t work out?  Good.  This is a powerful learning opportunity so that the next time we will be successful.  That deal that was completed?  Good.  This is an opportunity to consolidate our learning so that the next time we get an even better deal.

4. Do you recognise that leadership is a collaborative process and not an individual endeavour?

No one leader has all of the necessary skills, knowledge and experience.  Yes, that means even you! Build a diverse team around you and develop systems and structures that promote collaboration and unity.

5. Are you capable of adjusting your focus?

Too narrow a focus and leaders miss opportunities. Too broadly focused and there is a lack of attention to detail.  Changing your focus changes what is possible!

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