Communication can either make or break a leader.  Here I provide three pillars of communication for effective high performance leadership.

Listening is a priority

Truly listening demonstrates that you value the opinion of others at all organisational levels and this will encourage others to contribute more readily. Listening will build trust amongst teams which is essential in developing high performance environments. Through listening to others fully you quickly begin to recognise both their strengths and areas that they need to develop further. This in turn enables you as a leader to support them in their development far more effectively.

Connection is key
Through listening and valuing differing perspectives, you create connections that lead to greater collaboration and cohesion. Staff in turn will then model these values and behaviours creating psychological safety amongst the team leading to improved performance and reduced anxiety. With reduced anxiety and trust we then create a climate where creativity and innovation can flourish.

Language is powerful enabler
With increased communication and connection, the language that a leader chooses to use is key. ‘Where is the solution in this situation’? is far more effective than ‘how did we get into this situation’? Similarly, when a leader asks an employee why something went wrong it can instil fear and anxiety yet asking the individual what learning might be gained not just for them but for the leader and others when an outcome was not achieved creates a climate of continuous improvement.

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