Life is busy and finding the time to improve performance can be a struggle.

With this in mind, I have put together three very short but powerful leadership lessons.

Its more than simply knowing what to do

Knowing the right thing to do means absolutely nothing unless you actually do it, not once or twice, but frequently, consistently in every action on every day.

Embrace the failures

Every mistake should be viewed as a teachable moment rather than a career ending disaster.  Embrace failures and learn from them.  If you are not making mistakes then you’re clearly not leaning into the edge of your existing level of capability.

Sharpen the Blade

How do you prepare to perform? Individually and collectively, teams should practice performing under pressure. Create scenarios and test yourselves against these.  Can you individually and collectively meet these challenges and in the process sharpen the blade?

What is the learning here for you?  Are you willing to commit to action? How are you willing to change and incorporate some of the lessons here into your own performance?

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