High performance leaders understand the necessity for on-going personal and professional growth, learning and development.

They are fully committed and understand how essential it is for success and optimum performance. So too do they recognise how it prevents unhealthy levels of stress and ensures increased balance in their lives.

Unfortunately, the reality is that many other individuals are more disciplined with maintaining their cars then themselves.

Let’s stick with the car maintenance analogy for a moment.

For most, there is an understanding that while avoiding servicing your vehicle saves money in the short term, it will ultimately result in a far greater cost. Any avoidance is not a long-term solution often leading to a large bill in the future and significant inconvenience when your vehicle breaks down. At a professional level, similarly by not investing relatively modest resources on yourself regularly, it will result in a significant long-term cost.

That promotion or job that you missed out on, those unhealthy levels of stress, poor performance and yes, at its most extreme, possibly breakdown.

Even if you don’t intend on keeping your vehicle for many years, you understand that a comprehensive service history is a tick in the box for potential buyers. Again, as a professional, even if you do not intend to remain with your current employer, prospective companies and recruiters will want to examine your past commitment to continuous professional growth and development. No one wants to buy a car or hire someone with a patchy service/development history.

Servicing a car allows potential problems to be highlighted before they get too serious and similarly continuous growth, learning and development will highlight for you as a professional, areas that need to be addressed before they become too problematic.

A car service would you believe can involve on average 40 to 85 checks to the vehicle. However, the level of detail that you wish to focus on in developing yourself professionally and personally is ultimately up to you.

What is absolutely essential is to get started. An assessment of where you are right now and the design of a clear action plan to move you in the direction that you need to go. Give yourself the attention that you deserve and take action today.

Joe McDonald, create10 Founder provides one to one professional coaching in person, by phone or online; impactful workshops that enhance leadership performance, team work and innovation as well as flexible and affordable online courses. Check out www.create10.ie for further information or email info@create10.ie