High performance teams are obsessive about continuous improvement.

Of course they achieve great results, but those positive outcomes are a by-product of their striving to do everyday things better again and again with a high level of consistency.

They truly understand that complacency destroys excellence and therefore purposefully place themselves in stressful situations to practice and improve whether this is in the board room or on the playing field. Through regular practice at a high performance level, these teams eradicate fear, reduce worry and in the process increase their own confidence and capability.  It is here that the magic happens.

Such teams acknowledge that their competitors are highly trained, skilled and capable but rather than dread competition, they instead welcome it. They use this as motivation; something that drives them to improve; to focus on themselves and their own performance.

They understand that improving performance is about concentrating on what they themselves can control and not about obsessing on the uncontrollable.

If you are interested in high performance teams, then consider the following questions:

Questions to enhance performance
1. If you were coaching me to have greater impact, what would you tell me?
2. Have you seen something recently that made you think ‘I wish we had done that’!
3. Is there something that you are not being asked to do that would help you to contribute more?

Questions to learn what’s working well
1. How can we set each other up for more success?
2. How can we create more opportunities to develop and grow?
3. Have you seen someone else doing something that worked really well and what was it?

Questions to learn how to support one another
1. Is there anything holding you back from doing your best work?
2. What could I do differently that would result in supporting you more effectively?
3. What should I know about you that would help me to support you better?

Joe McDonald is a qualified, experienced professional coach and trainer with international experience.  He works with individuals, teams and organisations that like him, are passionate about performance.  For more information please email info@create10.ie or check out www.create10.ie to see options such as one to one coaching, team workshops & online courses.