Are you a non-conformist? If so, you might just be the type of person that high performance organisations are looking for.

We’re all very familiar with non-conformists that have transformed the business world such as Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and so on.  So too, famous non-conformists in terms of societal change with the likes of Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi and Stephen Hawkins. But what about on a day to day level?

How about you and the work that you do?

How often are new employees handed a job description that bears little resemblance to the work that they actually do or one that if they comply with, will ultimately frustrate them from making a genuinely meaningful contribution?

How does what you actually do differ from what your job description says that you do?

With today’s fast paced and ever changing workplace environment, innovation and creativity are required more than ever.  Those organisations that demand little of employees outside of a rigid job description will ultimately suffer the most with a high staff turnover, poor organisational culture, low levels of motivation and very little innovation or creativity.

Non-conformists however, will recognise when their job description is restricting them in making a meaningful difference. So too, will they recognise when it is holding the wider organisational performance back!

The challenge for ambitious modern workplaces therefore is to enable non-conformist employees to co-create their roles so that they can really use their strengths and align their values with those of the team and wider organisation. High performance organisations genuinely welcome non-conformists and recognise the contribution that they can make.  These workplaces successfully create flexible roles, structures, processes and systems that encourage innovation and creativity.

So, how genuinely flexible and adaptable is your organisation and what are you prepared to do to create the future that you want?

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