How often do you sit in meetings that drain you of all motivation? Mundane and boring, it can feel as though it is simply a ‘box ticking’ exercise or Groundhog Day!

Instead, how about holding meetings every month and asking powerful questions such as these?

1. Do we have absolute clarity of purpose?
2. Who did we impact today?
3. Where is the opportunity in this obstacle?
4. Do we have shared values?
5. Are we investing in leadership and performance as a priority?
6. What small improvements can each of us make. The notion of the ‘kaizen’ approach is one that is based on the belief that continuous incremental improvement adds up to substantial change over time.
7. What are peoples work habits and are they serving them well?
8. Where do ideas come from?
9. On a scale of 1 – 10 how good are we at collaborating meaningfully.
10. If we could only change one thing about the organisation today what would it be?

Coaching your team & yourself
Support your team in finding their own solutions and promote autonomy. Actively listen to them and allow them the space to think with focus. Include them in decision making and allow them to lead themselves and others. Stop offering so much advice and ask more questions.

Making continuous feedback and coaching central to performance management will improve relationships, assist in a healthy organisational culture and will ultimately support goal attainment.

Now that you are beginning to commit to the development of others, isn’t it about time that you began to focus on yourself. Having your own non-biased, supportive coach can help in taking your own performance to the next level.

Thousands of top executives, business owners, managers and team leaders from practically every industry and sector right around the world now have their own professional coach so take that next step and see the difference for yourself.

Joe McDonald, create10 Founder provides one to one professional coaching in person, by phone or online; team workshops that enhance performance and innovation as well as flexible and affordable online courses. Check out for further information or email