Very few individuals can honestly say that they are fulfilling their potential and working consistently to the level that they are truly capable of.  If you are one of these professionals, then consider these three topics and see if you can move forward in a more focused way.

Broaden your focus
Individuals tend to focus on what is directly in front of them and this is typically limited to the specific goals that they have been tasked with and the previous experiences that they have had.  In order to be truly effective there is a need to broaden your focus.  Too narrow a focus results in missed opportunities. Scanning the external environment for changing trends and opportunities as well as observing and adapting inward thinking and behaviours is essential for high performance.

Beliefs & Experimentation
Are the beliefs and values that you hold truly effective? Do you even understand them to begin with and if so, have you periodically reviewed them to ensure that they remain fit for purpose?

Is there the opportunity for you to try something novel, fail and learn from the experience? Do you intentionally create the space for experimentation to take place and purposefully reward innovation and creativity. Remember, that you do not have to win constantly, but rather there is a need to incrementally improve through experimentation, observation and adaptation.

You are more than your role
Wherever individuals define themselves rigidly as their role whatever that may be, it potentially limits their ability to ‘think outside the box’, work flexibly and to think in innovative ways. It is very likely that the demands on your workplace will change and evolve. So too, will the demands on you. Yes, you are currently in a role but this should not define you so narrowly to the point where it excludes any possibility that you might be able to offer something exceptional that was not originally part of your remit or job description.

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