It’s not uncommon to hear clients say that they can’t find the time.

This term, ‘can’t find the time’ is inaccurate in most cases and demonstrates a relinquishing of control.  A helplessness that is overwhelming for many.

Its important instead to take personal responsibility, regain control and to understand that you don’t find the time.  Rather, you create it.

A recent study has shown that for most people in the workplace, they spend an average of 15% of their time in meetings (likely to be more if in a management position); 25 – 30% of their time on a computer responding to email, video calls, etc and 40% of their time multi-tasking and working in a sub-optimal manner.

Factor in time for breaks and nonwork activities and that accounts for most people’s working day.  Clearly, busyness does not equate to productivity or progress.

A similar scenario likely applies to most people’s personal time. Those times of the day that most people just let slip by almost unnoticed. Ever hear people referring to ‘just filling time’?

Rather, it is essential to recognise that time is one of our most valuable assets.  Therefore, its so important to use it wisely.

Begin by auditing your day both inside and outside of the workplace.  What kind of a return on investment are you getting?  How does your use of time at the moment affect your quality of life and where are you likely to arrive at in the future.

Consider now the following questions…

What are you doing when you feel most motivated?

What are you doing when you reach a flow state most frequently (fully engaged in what you are doing and not distracted by other thoughts)?

What are you doing when you feel most drained or lacking energy and who are you typically with?

Who are you with when you feel most energised?

What does a bad day look like?

What does a good day look like?

Finally, make a commitment today…

What three things will you specifically change this week to create (not find) the time for greater meaning, productivity, joy and satisfaction?

Joe McDonald, Founder of create10 is a professional coach and trainer with proven track record is supporting individuals, teams and organisations in improving performance.  He provides one to one coaching (in person or online); impactful workshops (in person or online) and a number of affordable online courses.  Email & see for further information