So many of us dedicate years trying to achieve the goals and objectives of others. Concentrating and striving to satisfy the needs of our colleagues, family and friends for example but oftentimes fundamentally dissatisfied with ourselves at a deep level.

In order to feel fulfilled and to live a meaningful life, it is so very important to take the time to develop yourself also.  Remember that you have more influence over your life than anybody else. You are extraordinarily resourceful but unfortunately all too many fail to ‘tap into’ this innate human potential.

Below is a useful reflective exercise where you are asked to spend a little time thinking about your past, current and future self.

Your Past Self

Our very DNA of course influences the adults that we are today but so too does the environment in which we were raised, the beliefs, values and attitudes that were given to us. Many of these have served us well but sometimes this is not always the case.

Of course, you should never forget where you have come from but never allow it to dictate how far you can go.

• What do you need to let go of from the past?
• Is there anything from your past that is still serving you well today?
• What was the best or most useful mistake that you have ever made and why?
• Who was a good mentor to you and why did you value their opinion?
• Are there are any old beliefs or values that are no longer serving you well and what might you replace them with?

Your Present Self

Like most, you are probably living a very busy life! Constant demands for our time and attention means that we rarely take the time to temporarily detach and observe what it actually taking place. Are you really taking the time to pause and reflect on the person that you are today?

• What is working well for you at the moment and what isn’t?
• How are your energy levels at the moment?
• When are you at your most resourceful?
• What needs changing and are you willing to take action today?
• What is the cost of not taking action?

Your Future Self

Having a clear vision in terms of the kind of a life that you want and the type of person that you wish to become in the future is essential.

After all, if you are unclear about the direction that your life is going then you shouldn’t be surprised with where you end up!

• What is it that you want for your future self?
• What would an inspiring future contain for you?
• How will you measure success?
• What would you like to be remembered for?
• Does anything need to change today in order to make this inspiring future a reality?

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